Our Vendor Spotlight is picking up steam and we’re so excited to share our favorite venues with you. Today’s venue is Los Angeles’ hidden gem. The Los Angeles River Center And Gardens is hidden away on a quiet street, and if you’re not looking you could miss it. This historical Mission Style property is maintained by The Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy. Inside the gates you’ll find a bubbling fountain, gardens featuring native California plants, clay tile roof covered buildings, and a charm that is rare in Los Angeles. It’s a prime location for education conferences, corporate events, and weddings. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of catering at this location for years and we want you to experience it through the words of Special Use Facilitator, Jessica Montanez.

What is the history of your venue? The Los Angeles River Center and Gardens is located at the former site of the Lawry’s California Center, near the confluence of the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco, close to Elysian Park and downtown Los Angeles. Its beautiful mission-style grounds and conference facilities serve as a focal point for the renewal of the Los Angeles River, and a prime location for community gatherings, educational conferences, and special events.

How many guests can you accommodate? Ceremony?  200 Reception? 450. We also have proms that can accommodate up to 800 guests.

Do you provide In-House Catering? No, but we highly recommend Summit Event Catering.

Is parking provided on-site? Yes we have a large and easily accessible parking lot.

Do you book more than one event per day? How will that affect my event? No we don’t.

What is your favorite feature of your venue? The Fernando Courtyard, and the front entrance of the facility.

Give us the top three reasons why couples should book your venue for their wedding/reception. Our venue is beautiful, good price and great hours.

We agree with Jessica on the attributes of her venue. If you’re are hosting an event and looking for an outdoor property that is full of charm and grace, we’d love to take you on a tour of The Los Angeles River Center And Gardens. We look forward to sharing this very special place with you in person.

Photography: Lukas and Suzy Vandyke