Marco Ramirez has been part of the Summit Family for the past 5 years as both a Server & Supervisor. He is happily married to his wife Leah of almost 2 years who also works for Summit. On his days off he enjoys activities from going on motorcycle rides, taking long walks to just relaxing at home.

Marco and Leah have plans to visit Orlando Florida this year and hope to visit Hawaii sometime soon, but one of their all-time favorite places is San Francisco, they love the city and all it has to offer.

One of his best memories of an event would be the first event he worked as a Supervisor. He had a lot of jitters going in, but soon overcame that and felt at home as a leader. Another event that stands out to him was the SIGGRAPH 2017 event that took place over at the California Science Center. Marco enjoyed seeing everyone come together as one for such a large event and making it a successful one.

What Marco likes best about working for Summit is the people he works with, they make everything great in his opinion. He enjoys seeing all the respect people have for one another, how everyone comes together as a team and how proud everyone is. He loves the trust the owners put into their employees and the opportunities that are given to make them shine. The fact that he’s around food all the time also makes him happy because he loves trying new things, it’s the only way you learn whether you like something or not.

The relationship he has with other employees he feels is a good one. He believes being positive is something you must be in order for it to trickle down and to have that respect from others. Being a good leader and role model is most important. It you make it a positive experience, you will get one in return.

The best advice he can give anyone new coming on board is to be open-minded and to stay humble. One may know a lot coming in or used to doing something a certain way, just learn the Summit way, a little refresher doesn’t hurt anyone.