For 12 years Osmin has been an integral part of The Summit Family. He started with us as a prep and event cook, but has become our “go to” team member for just about everything. Osmin’s years of dedication and hard work in perfecting his craft, made him one of or lead chefs. His abilities to lead culinary teams on our larger events, makes him the obvious choice for our BBQ events. He also oversees the night warehouse team, and assists in hiring, training and scheduling.  Really the list goes on regarding the many hats Osmin is asked to wear in our company.  With all of the responsibility he has in our organization, he’s eternally positive and joyful. His “can do” attitude is a wonder to observe.

When he is away from his Summit home, he’s a proud family man, spending time with his wife Veronica of 12 years and five children, Adan 23, Nati 21, Lisette 20, Ashley 12 & Genesis 8.

Working in the culinary world has opened Osmin up to countless styles of cuisine. But when asked what his favorite food is, he gladly declares Salvadoran Pupusas. Spending time with his family is the most important thing in the world to him. A favorite past time for Osmin and his family are BBQs in the park and traveling. They love going on trips together to Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Yosemite just to name a few.

Osmin credits his time with us as making him who he is today, and says everything he knows about cooking is because of the time he’s spent working in our kitchens. Always curious, he’s still eager to continue learning new recipes and modern presentations. Omsin encourages new employees to pay careful attention to current staff, be willing to learn new techniques and to work hard every day. We’re so happy to have Osmin on our team for his talents, and the inspiration he brings to his fellow employees. Above everything else, we appreciate the dedication and talents he brings to our clients and our events.

Congratulations Osmin. We look forward to many more years with you as part of or team.