We are proud to announce Janet Doo as our November 2017 EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!  Janet has been receiving votes every month from her peers, but this month was over the top. A little about Janet, she has been serving with us for 15 years.  When she arrived at Summit, we were thrilled to have someone with a great resume of experience, including Wolfgang Puck Catering,

Although she is known for her selfless ways and great attitude, she can do everything and anything required for our events. Here claim to fame is her relentless bussing of tables. Janet is truly the essence of the definition of great hospitality from our perspective.  We’re grateful for her friendliness, sense of humor and can do attitude. It’s truly infectious.  She gives 100% to us and each and every event.

She is family to us and all of her fellow employees. When anyone is ill, Janet is the first person we turn to for natural remedies. When anyone on the staff has a baby, she always gives clothing to them. She is so thoughtful and is always thinking of others.

When Janet is not working, and that isn’t often, she works full time with Mimi and Maggie, a children’s clothing Design Company in DTLA.  She enjoys reading and learning about good health and sharing that valuable information to help others. She is a giver who wants to help others to make this world a better place.  We are confident in saying that it’s her mission in life.  She daily puts action to words and embodies this philosophy.

When asked about her favorite Summit Memory she quickly states, “I love working events especially weddings and being part of their special day”.  Her favorite place to vacation is The Hawaiian Islands, and she looks forward to traveling there again soon.

Her favorite part of working at Summit is the people.  Mostly she enjoys the diverse personalities and cultures she experiences at our events. Janet has a deep desire to make every event as successful as possible, and when asked what advice she could give others she simply says, “Have fun, smile, be happy, enjoy yourself and work together.   Focus as much attention on the guests.  The guests pick up on everything and they in turn will enjoy themselves that much more”.  Janet we couldn’t have said it better.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being such a great person, friend and model employee.