The vote is in and it was unanimous!   We heard you loud and clear Summit Employees!! We are proud and privileged to announce and honor ARMANDO CANALES as our July, 2017 Employee of the Month.

Armando is married to Elizabeth and has two children, David 21 and Marizza 19.  David has worked for Summit on several occasions and Marizza has served with us on our Community Outreach projects.  When Armando is away from work his favorite hobbies are bicycling and hiking in Carbon Canyon.  But his dream is to bicycle and hike Estes National Park in Colorado. His fantasy is completing the 100 Mile Bike ride in that Park. But his ultimate dream is to visit and explore the Majestic Machu Picchu in Peru with his wife, Elizabeth.

Armando has been employed with Summit for over 20 years. He has held in many roles including Sous chef and Assistant Warehouse Manager. He has, and continues to be, a huge part of the Summit Family and our success.  Over the years we have learned a great deal about this amazing person.  There isn’t anything he cannot accomplish when he sets his mind to a task.  He is truly a Jack of all Trades and Master of many! He is currently our Lead Chef and Trainer in the kitchen for all of our off site events, teaching our new cooks and chefs.  He is also co-manager in our warehouse and that is just the beginning!

Many of you know the impact Armando has had on the success of our company. What most may not know, is the impact he has had behind scenes… is impossible to communicate in this piece the gratitude and appreciation we have for this man.  He is an excellent chef with the highest standards of quality and presentation, continuing to rise to every new challenge placed in his path. In every aspect of his work, he sets the standard for excellence in this company and holds all others to that benchmark.

Here is a sample list of what Armando does for us. Welder, Construction work, Concrete Specialist, Electrician, Plumber, and Auto Mechanic. He rebuilds our BBQ Grills, constructs and repairs everything and anything imaginable at Summit. The list just goes on and on, and is much too long to mention here.

This is what Armando does, but this is who he is.  Truly a person of integrity.  A man of his word and heart the size of a city.  He loves to serve not only on our company events, but also volunteers at our many charity events in the community.  He is an amazing father and person.  Duane and Greg have often commented to each another how we wish we could clone Armando.  Nobody goes the extra mile like Armando.  He is respected and admired by all who know and work with him and none more than the Ownership at Summit and deservedly so.

When asked what he would tell new employees, Armando says  “Working for Summit feels like family and provides many opportunities for those that work hard”.  He emphasizes to the incoming cooks to focus your attention on top quality food and make the most beautiful presentation possible every time…people eat with their eyes first.

We asked Armando to share a little of his wisdom on what he has learned over the years and he remarks that “Anyone can reach their dreams with hard work and perseverance”. When we asked what he would like others to know about himself,  he said, “The last 20 years has been the best of his life and he couldn’t see himself working anywhere else”.Save