Ask anyone who knows Bruno Serato and they’ll say he’s an American success story. His legendary restaurant The Anaheim White House is a landmark in Southern California and recognized throughout the world. Serato, an Italian immigrant doesn’t only enjoy success as a celebrated restaurateur, but more importantly a generous philanthropist. In 2005 Bruno started the non-profit “Caterina’s Club” named after his mother who insisted they help to feed “motel” children near his restaurant. From feeding spaghetti to one hungry boy, he now feeds 1200 children, five nights a week. The kitchens at the restaurant were used to help in this noble mission.

Anyone who’s ever dined at The Anaheim White House or met Bruno felt sadness and pain upon learning the restaurant had burned down in a fire on February 4th. We watched the news in shock and cried with Bruno as he wept with the firemen who helped to extinguish the fire. In typical Bruno fashion his focus turned to Caterina’s Club and how he would feed the children. It’s this unselfish attitude that has inspired his friends at restaurants, venues and catering companies throughout Orange County to step in and help Bruno to continue feeding the children. One of our preferred venues Highway 39 Event Center offered their space to allow Bruno to continue his good work. In that spirit a fundraiser was born, and we were thrilled to do our part.

On February 20th a fundraiser for The Anaheim White House and Caterina’s Club will take place at Highway 39 event center. Along with 18 other restaurants and catering firms we will take part in this worthwhile cause to support The Anaheim White House, Caterina’s Club and their employees. Please come out and show your support for Bruno, his employees and the children who benefit from Caterina’s Club. We are very proud to do our part and we need you to do the same. Purchase your tickets here and join us on President’s Day at Highway 39 Event Center. Stay strong Bruno, we’re all here for you!